Saturday, 5 February 2011

Serenity Winds

As child I always loved the wind I loved to feel it on my face,I loved to run in it and fly my kite.This love has stayed with me throughout my life. My mum told me stories about the wind and how it can blow you away just little stories you made up for children but I loved them, she made the wind feel alive for me.

I love sitting indoors on a windy day reading and feel comforted by it's sound, the wind has always comforted me. I even have CDs of wind and find I love listening to them before I sleep, within minutes I'm asleep that's the power the wind has on me.

This week we have had gale force winds and whilst everyone has been complaining about them I have been loving them.There is something very magical about the wind and when I came across this pic it reminded me how I feel it is called Serenity Winds and I think it's beautiful.

Of course it can be destructive as only mother nature knows how but it's the sheer power it has that amazes me.

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