Monday, 14 February 2011

Say a little prayer for us

As I write this my beautiful little Ginger cat Biff is at the vets on a drip I'm out of my mind with worry so I thought I'd blog a bit to take my mind off things.

Biff is nearly 16 I know he's a good age and he has had kidney trouble for the past four years.Within the last few months he has lost his hearing and got arthritis so I know things aren't looking too good for him.

Over the weekend he stopped eating and looks depressed just not his usual loving self, so I took him to the vets this morning and he is starting to dehydrate.Up to press he is on a drip and I am waiting for results on his blood work, I think once these arrive we'll know a lot more at what's been going on, I guess the time may be coming where I have to let him go.

I have dreaded this time coming as he is the only cat I have left as I have lost several over the last few years. I cannot imagine my life with no cat in it.

There has been a cat in my life since the day I was born I don't know what it would be like to have no cat to share my home with.

Biff didn't have an easy start in life when we rescued him he had been abused and neglected by his previous owners by the time I got him he not surprisingly had little or no trust in humans.It was a long process but he eventually started to trust us.Over the years he became a very loving and trusting cat who followed us everywhere, his greatest pleasure in life is sunbathing in his garden.I'm praying real hard for the phone call that says he is coming home tonight, don't know what I will do if he isn't.

Please say a prayer for him.

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