Saturday, 12 February 2011

Update on my Vegan journey

When I embarked on my Vegan journey a few months ago I wondered what was in store for me, would I struggle going on holiday, could I ever eat out again,could I ever give up cheese, yeah the usual questions I guess most new vegans ask themselves. I have only been on my path for 5 months but I can honestly say I never felt better or ate better.

When I was just Vegetarian it was very easy I guess I got used to the same boring meals now I am Vegan I searched out more recipes and am open to more different foods I have never eaten a more varied diet in my life ever and people ask me whatever do I eat!I really wouldn't have time to write up everything I do eat,instead I'm going to start posting more recipes I am discovering.

I am also starting to veganize recipes something in the beginning I wouldn't have had the confidence to do. I am starting to feel confident in the kitchen again.I have been Vegetarian for 36 years before I finally opened my eyes to the egg and dairy industry, like many countless vegans before me I just presumed it would be too hard.

My other big discovery in life is Yoga only being a devotee for a few months but already I can see my body shape changing I am becoming stronger,more energised and more supple not sure why I started yoga at the same time as turning vegan but they seem to go hand in hand for some reason.

At this very minute I have an apple cake in the oven it is a new recipe so before I post any pics I had better make sure it turns out ok.

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