Saturday, 26 February 2011

Beyond Biba

I've just finished watching the film 'Beyond Biba' about Barbara Hulancki and her iconic shop Biba.

Now anyone of a certain age living in the UK will remember Biba. I first visited Biba in the 70's as a teenager and the store blew my mind away. The art deco interiors flamingos,feathers all added to the experience.My cousin who was a few years older than me bought me to the store and the experience never left me.

As a woman now approaching my 50s who still loves fashion Biba gave me that first taste, I remember buying a really floppy hat from there and kept it for years.

No other store ever gave me that rush I got from entering Biba which was on Kensington High Street London.Even to this day I have a huge collection of Biba originals in my wardrobe.

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