Sunday, 13 February 2011

Apple Oak cake

I tend to do most of my cooking on a weekend as I work long hours during the week and don't have to much time. I tend to do my Yoga during the week when I get home rather than having to start cooking so cooking has to be pretty quick such as stir frys and pasta.

This weekend I have made Butternut squash soup for work. Also made some vegan meatballs which will be quick to add to spagetti one night when I come in. Have made a spicy sausage casserole for tea and a 5 bean chili which will do for a couple of nights mid week.

At weekend I like to try something new as during the week I tend to just have a yogurt or fresh fruit after my meal but I like something a bit naughtier at weekend.As a new Vegan I am keen to try out new dessert menus as I am new to the whole concept of baking without using eggs, I have to say everthing I have made has turned out well so far. This weekend I made an apple oat cake which turned out very well it is an oatlike cake but the layer of apple in the middle really makes it tasty. Last night we had this with cream and tonight theres enough left to have it with custard, there was even enough to send a couple of slices to my mum.

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