Sunday, 20 February 2011

What will I cook today?

I love to cook on a Sunday it's the one day of the week I have time and I love to try new recipes. So plans for today are;

Make my brother Butternut squash soup, he is looking for ways to get vegetables into his 4 children who aren't the worlds best veggie eaters. I suggested he try soup which they all love and there's nothing easier or cheaper than home made soup.

For us I have already made a split pea soup for work, weather is still cold here in the UK so soup and a roll is ideal for our dinners.

I have found two new recipes I want to try out today one is crustless quiches which look great and will be ideal for lunch boxes.I have always loved Lemony sort of pies the more tart the better so I want to try and make a lemon tart, something I haven't done since turning vegan so Its something I am dying to try.

I soaked my beans overnight(kidney,borlotti,black beans,cannellini,) for my 5 bean Chili I add a tin of baked beans to the end to this recipe which turns it it to a 5 bean chili it's a quick easy recipe which freezes well and is a quick meal for me when I get in from work in an evening.

So got a busy day ahead I better get a move on, will post some pics later (if they turn out well that is)

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