Monday, 30 August 2010

My tiny corner of Provence

I dream one day of living in Provence, I want a tiny cottage and a nice piece of land to grow my own fruit and Veg.I want a load of Cats and spend all my time tending my garden,reading and cooking. I want to start the novel I never had time to write.

I want to grow lots of Herbs, large Sunflowers and Lavender. I will make jams and chutneys out of all my produce.

We all need a dream to hang onto, until then I have to make do with this tiny corner of my garden dedicated to Provence, here I have the blue shed and Geraniums, when the sun shines I close my eyes and imagine.


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Thursday, 26 August 2010

The joy of a new cook book

I know I have mentioned this before but the joy of buying a new cook book is second to none.The endless possibilities of what you will make is mind blowing.My latest cook book is by Thomasina Myers it is called 'Mexican food made easy' and it is exactly as it says on the cover Easy!

I am quite a novice cook and love all Thomasinas books they are straightforward and easy to follow, I find it great that the author has usually lived in the area she writes about so you know the recipes are authentic and what the locals would eat.

I love Mexican food and can't wait to try out some of these recipes at weekend, I am Vegetarian and can usually find a lot of meat free dishes in Mexican cuisine.

Some of the salsas look really good so that's this weekend them Mexican.Pity the poor guinea pig Partner who has to suffer all my attempts at being The Mexican Goddess.<

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Edible garden project

At the beginning of the year I decided I was giving over some of my garden to growing fruit and veg, it is a dream of mine to one day try and live off what I grow. I have grown stuff previously but basically only just dabbled.

Well this year I thought I would try out several things, first of all I am a real salad freak so salad was a must, along with Tomatoes, Onions,Courgettes,Chili Peppers and a wider range of herbs than I normally grow.

Sounds easy so off I went I sowed two types of Toms Tumbling Toms and another variety (whose name I forgot) Tumbling Toms have fared much better than the ones I sowed in the ground in fact I have been eating my crop all Summer, the ones in the ground have been so slow to grow, also a lack of Sunshine hasn't helped the cause.

The Onions all died now what did I do wrong there? My Courgettes I grew in tubs as I have a big slug problem, also I cannot kill them as its against all my beliefs. I believe everything has its place and purpose on Earth, just I wish it wasn't always in my garden. I think they have been quite a success, well I have harvested a few and eaten them so that counts as a success right? I'm not saying they would have fed the 5000 but I've been happy with them. After a few weeks of playing hide the Courgettes from the slugs.

My Chillis are also a favourite of the slugs for some reason so I have hid them high up off the ground on a table, they are just starting to produce Chillis so all is good in the world.

Tubs of Salad leaves have been plentiful and I have basically kept myself in Salad leaves which is all good for the weekly food bill. Rocket I have grown in abundance as I love the stuff.

My Herbs have done great, normally in previous years I have sown them in the ground and have had moderate success, this year I have sown a lot in tubs near my back door and I have been kept in Herbs all summer long. I have grown several varieties of Safe the Tangerine sage has been my favourite it smells divine,quite partial to the Blackcurrant sage as well, along with my sages I have grown Basil,Parsley,Thyme,Lemon Verbena,Lemon Balm,Carraway,Rosemary,Chives,BayLavendar,Chammomile,Dill and Borage.

I now need to Harvest some of these for the Winter. Rhubarb has been hit and miss.
Not a lot for my first attempt but enough to give me the buf next yea I plan to grow a lot more and want to try my hands at Peppers,Spring Onions,Garlic,beetroot and beans. I have enjoyed my edible journey and want to blog more about my attempts so the edible garden will be work in progress.

I now plant on making some nice stuff using my herbs I want to try out some herbal oils for dressings and maybe some herbal soap will let you know how these turn out.
Rambled enough this evening.