Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Edible garden project

At the beginning of the year I decided I was giving over some of my garden to growing fruit and veg, it is a dream of mine to one day try and live off what I grow. I have grown stuff previously but basically only just dabbled.

Well this year I thought I would try out several things, first of all I am a real salad freak so salad was a must, along with Tomatoes, Onions,Courgettes,Chili Peppers and a wider range of herbs than I normally grow.

Sounds easy so off I went I sowed two types of Toms Tumbling Toms and another variety (whose name I forgot) Tumbling Toms have fared much better than the ones I sowed in the ground in fact I have been eating my crop all Summer, the ones in the ground have been so slow to grow, also a lack of Sunshine hasn't helped the cause.

The Onions all died now what did I do wrong there? My Courgettes I grew in tubs as I have a big slug problem, also I cannot kill them as its against all my beliefs. I believe everything has its place and purpose on Earth, just I wish it wasn't always in my garden. I think they have been quite a success, well I have harvested a few and eaten them so that counts as a success right? I'm not saying they would have fed the 5000 but I've been happy with them. After a few weeks of playing hide the Courgettes from the slugs.

My Chillis are also a favourite of the slugs for some reason so I have hid them high up off the ground on a table, they are just starting to produce Chillis so all is good in the world.

Tubs of Salad leaves have been plentiful and I have basically kept myself in Salad leaves which is all good for the weekly food bill. Rocket I have grown in abundance as I love the stuff.

My Herbs have done great, normally in previous years I have sown them in the ground and have had moderate success, this year I have sown a lot in tubs near my back door and I have been kept in Herbs all summer long. I have grown several varieties of Safe the Tangerine sage has been my favourite it smells divine,quite partial to the Blackcurrant sage as well, along with my sages I have grown Basil,Parsley,Thyme,Lemon Verbena,Lemon Balm,Carraway,Rosemary,Chives,BayLavendar,Chammomile,Dill and Borage.

I now need to Harvest some of these for the Winter. Rhubarb has been hit and miss.
Not a lot for my first attempt but enough to give me the buf next yea I plan to grow a lot more and want to try my hands at Peppers,Spring Onions,Garlic,beetroot and beans. I have enjoyed my edible journey and want to blog more about my attempts so the edible garden will be work in progress.

I now plant on making some nice stuff using my herbs I want to try out some herbal oils for dressings and maybe some herbal soap will let you know how these turn out.
Rambled enough this evening.


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