Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gratitude journal

A friend of mine put me onto writing a gratitude journal. I had never heard of one of these before but basically you just write five things in your life everyday that you are grateful for.

I have only been doing this for a few days and already I am feeling more positive in my life my negativity towards certain situations are reversing. It has also made me realise how lucky I am with what I have got in my life.

Normally on a Saturday morning I do most of my cleaning with great reluctance I may add! I feel what am I doing wasting a precious morning cleaning up? however this morning I thought How lucky I am to have a house to clean when so many people are homeless, its little things like that I am feeling more grateful for.

Is this gratitude journal really working? well time will tell but I can honestly say it has an uplifting effect.


Monday, 25 January 2010

Do we judge a book by its cover?

Never judge a book by its cover! or so the saying goes, but sometimes I think we all do. How many of you have been drawn to a book just because of the artwork or picture? I will plead guilty on all accounts a wonderful cover has already enticed me in, I then tend to flick it over and read a bit about the story but even if the story doesn't sound too absorbing I am willing to give it a go.

No wonder publishers strive for the right cover as we the book buying public can be oh so fickle. Of course I have read some fantastic books which didn't have a cover or a cover that did nothing for me.

I discovered one of my favourite authors Joanne Harris just by a cover on one of her books. I still remember the day when I was just browsing by in WH Smiths and the cover of Coastliners just shouted at me off the shelf to pick it up and give it a go.

Of course I loved it, but for some strange reason I knew I would, that cover really reeled me in. In fact I loved it so much I recreated the cover on my bathroom window, it still looks good many years later it looks like an alter to me celebrating the Sea. I have always collected driftwood and shells and this cover gave me a great idea to how I wanted to display them.

So sometimes I think it is acceptable to judge a book by its cover. I found this book today whilst tidying up I think its time I read all my Joanne Harris books again.


Testing new AP

Just testing this iPod ap which apparantly let's you write your blog from your iPhone hmm we'll see.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

First Slam of the year

Those of you who know me will realise over the next two weeks I will be an emotional wreck, my sleep pattern will be all over the place, I won't be able to eat properly (not a bad thing after the excess of Christmas) I will be keeping unearthly hours and not be able to function properly.

No worries though it is just the First grand slam of the year in Tennis. It is played in Australia so the time zones play havoc with your life. Why do we do it I wonder? what is it about Sport that can play havoc with your emotions. One minute you can be so high, the next you can be rock bottom, I guess the highs outweigh the lows every time so thats why we put ourselves through it.

For me I will be following one man throughout it all Rafa Nadal, he has reawakened my love of the game over the last five years. His beauty and grace on the Tennis court is truly something to behold, his courage and sportsmanship is matched by none.

Rafa I wish you all the luck in the world and if you lift the trophy again this year the next two weeks of agony and nervous exhaustion will be worth it.

Vamos Rafa.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Skulls and Roses

When in our lives do we decide wearing wellies is cool? or is it when you reach a certain age you just don't seem to care anymore what you look like?
When I was younger I wouldn't have been seen dead wearing wellies but after 3 weeks of snow all pretence of being stylish vanishes.

Years ago i would have struggled out in heels and stuff trying to remain a fashionista, hey wellies would have been a no no. How times change bought my first pair today and I love them :-)

I call them my skulls and Roses wellies, now if Slash was ever looking for a name for his band there you are. All excited about wearing them tomorrow for work. Yes I know I need to get out more and get a life


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Throat of Winter

O the throat of winter is upon us
The barren barley fields refuse to sway
Before the Husky hag of early darkness
In her hoods of snowy grey.

Winter winter winter
Are you but a servant of the bad one.

Lo the frozen blue birds in the belfries
The bluebells in their hearts are surely prey
Unto the grasping bats-wing of the winter pincer
Hoods of snowy grey.

Lyrics Marc Bolan
Pic by my dear friend Madeleine (Its a mad world blog)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Winter wonderland

Ever since I was a child I have loved Winter I don't know what it is but Winter makes me feel alive, Summer does nothing for me it just makes me tired and irritable. Maybe in another life I lived in a winter climate. Over the last few weeks in the UK we have had a substantial snowfall it was wondeful to see a White Christmas, but I have woke up this morning and we are covered in the snow again I can't believe it is so beautiful.

In my childhood I loved the Snowqueen books and in more recent years they were turned into movies I so wanted to live in the Snowqueens castle everything was white and covered in iceicles it was an amazing sight. That palace has inspired me in decorating so much. My fave room in my house is my guest room and was based on the Snow Queens castle everything in is either white or Silver no room for any other colours.It is a great room to relax, light your candles and read especially in Winter when the days are so much shorter.

I also love the white and cream palettes from the Nordic countries which they use throughout the house, it makes everything look alive and open.

I can't wait to get out today and go for a walk, another thing I love to do in Snow, I think nature is at its most beautiful at this time of year.