Saturday, 29 January 2011

Fernando Torres You've broke my heart

On Friday I heard the news no Liverpool fan wants to hear that Fernando Torres had handed in a Transfer request to move to Chelsea Football Club.I cannot explain without sounding like an irrational lunatic how this has made me feel.

Fernando Torres is Liverpools No.9 he is our best player and most loved I feel all Teary just trying to put into words how I feel, I feel empty and let down.I know players flit from club to club all the time for bigger riches etc, but Fernando was different, he bonded with our club and even took a pay cut to come here.

So what has changed? I could have understood it last year we had really bad owners, in a huge amount of debt, a manager that was taking us nowhere, but that's all changed we have new owners, a legend of a manager in Kenny Dalglish and are investing in new players.

Fernando we loved you you said you loved your fans and our club, what I can't work out is why?

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