Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Sunday Cookathon

I love Sundays when I can spend time in my kitchen and cook.My life is quite hectic during the week so when weekend comes around I love to cook and try out new recipes. I like to get myself prepared for the week ahead and feel if I cook proper meals to freeze at the weekend I won't be as tempted to eat rubbish, being organised is the secret of healthy eating for me.

I usually look to see what I have a lot of in my cupboards and fridge and try to use up rather than throw them away so seeing as I have an abundance of carrots I decided to make up some soup for the weeks lunches as it still is quite cold and soup is always warming with some nice bread. I have made up two batches for me and for my mum, I tend to cook a lot for my mum as she is elderly now and has the tendancey not to eat properly if I don't keep an eye on her.

The first batch of soup I made was Carrot and Corriander a simple classic soup which I never tire of. I also made a batch of carrot and ginger for mum as ginger is quite good for some of the ailments she suffers from. I made a nice Mediterranean Olive bread to go with my soup, so thats lunches sorted out for most of the week.

I made two batches of muffins the first was mincemeat muffins, I had a jar of mincemeat which I had made for Christmas and not got round to eating so this was a good way to use it up, followed by my favourite spiced apple muffins.

For main meals I try to cook from scratch when I get home from work but sometimes it is handy to have something prepared so for tomorrow evening I have made some mexican enchiladas it will be a quick meal when I get home I just have to add a salad with it.The remainder of the Chilli I have froze and on another night I will simply cook some rice to go with it.

With the remainder of veg I found in the fridge I will make a vegetable pie consisting of celery,leeks,carrots,potatoes,peas and sweetcorn,with a mashed potato topping.
These are all quick and simple Vegan meals anyone can prepare in advance the secret of cooking i have found is be organised and use up what you have in store.I hate throwing food away I think its a sin when there is hundreds of starving people in the world it only takes a little imagination and you can turn your left overs into tasty meals.

Since turning Vegan last year I have simply eaten so much more heallthier and now my muffins are also so much healthier as I now replace the eggs in them with flaxseed and a few spoons of water and they come out perfect.

Now to enjoy the rest of Sunday afternoon with my book.

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