Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Fashion icons

I developed a love of fashion at a very early age, I can remember being about eight and ripping and chopping my clothes for a revamp.As I got older my love of clothes has never waned.

I have never really been into the so called latest fashion I have always had a love of vintage although it's now a trendy word in the media but I love picking up something old and beautiful from another era.

I know everyone has their own fashion icons but for me I love the glamour of the old movie stars but I also love the trashy messy punk look from my youth. My teenage years were in the 70's and I feel lucky to have witnessed some great styles, I always laugh when I hear people slam the 70's as a tasteless decade, tasteless? We lived through glam rock,punk rock how could your individuality not shine through this era? But there are several women I have got my fashion inspiration from and these are Louise Brooks I am an avid collector of clothes from the 20's and nobody pulled the look off better than Louise Brooks the actress, I see her style even today.

Another big influence on me was Lauren Bacall, I love her masculine,tailored look,although it's not a look I myself carry off well I think Lauren Bacall looks amazing in most outfits, once again a trendsetter and not a follower.

I think every womans fashion icon has to be Audrey Hepburn, I love her quirky,gamine look I love how she can be glamerous one minute and casual the next and still look like a million dollars, Audreys style is still adopted by many women today a classic timeless look that never dates.

As I mentioned I grew up in the Punk era and though the clothing wasn't exactly beautiful I loved some of the ideas that came with it, it was a time to be creative with your clothing your individuality really shone out, of course a lot of these women went on to influence many styles of today for me this time was a time you could really let your imagination run riot, I used to love to mix up clothes from different eras I had the time of my life in the 70's,it was this decade which decided the style of clothes I go for today.

Obviously being a lot older now I have calmed my look down a lot but I still love to mix and match things from every era I like to give clothes my own touch.
Patti Smith for me always looks great I know people usually raise an eyebrow when I say this but she has that casual laid back I don't give a stuff look about her which I love.She eludes the take me as you find me look.

Of course one of the most iconic images for women in the 70's was Debbie Harry she had the punk Rock attitude but was very beautiful with it, I think a million teenage girls wanted to look like Debbie Harry.

Another lady Who's style I love is the actress Helena Bonham Carter, I know she always ends up in the worst dressed list of celebs but for me she has that eclectic, look which I so love, she doesn't let fashion dictate to her she has her own style and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I love the fact she is brave enough to do her own thing and hell to what people think.

There are many more women I admire like Greta Garbo,Marilyn Monroe,Twiggy and Kate Moss, women who made fashion and not followed it to all these women thank you for your inspiration to other women to just go out and be yourself and not simply wear clothes because some designer will tell you a look is in or out, Women get out there and were what makes you feel good,sod what everyone else thinks.

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