Saturday, 2 April 2011

Yes you can grieve for your pet

Those of you who read my previous post know I lost my 16 year old cat last week, this has been a hard week but made harder by insensitive people.I know I'm not the only one who has lost a beloved pet and those of you have know where I'm coming from.

Why do people seem shocked when you grieve for your pet? Did they not live in the same house as you, did you not feed them? Did you not tend to their needs? Did you love them and they in return love you? Well then they are part of your family and you will grieve and hurt.

Grief needs time to accept I have missed my boy Biff so much this week my heart feels like it's breaking.He was always there to greet us when we came home, ok maybe not us but our shopping in search of treats for him lol

I miss his companionship in the evening, when he would always sit with us and watch TV,I miss him taking over the bed at night, I miss him following me around the garden, I miss him full stop.

I get all this I have to work through it, which I will I have done it before and no doubt will have to do it again, but what has hurt me more is insensitive comments from co workers and people I considered friends.

Comments have ranged from "Its only a cat can't you get another?" to "Think of all the money you will save now you have no vet bills" Even my best friend at work hurt me with her comment the day after I had to put Biff to sleep she greeted me at work with "Have you got over things now?" and "Its not as bad to lose a cat as it is to lose a dog,as dogs are companions" dumb comments like that hurt and more so when they come from friends.

It's people I don't know in real life which has been the most supportive,Twitter friends and people in online forums have been wonderful and kind and made me feel better strange really when your real life friends can be insensitive and virtual strangers can be a comfort.

I bought some wildflower seeds and plan to plant a wildflower garden over where we buried Biff.He loved his garden and I find gardening soothing for the soul, I'm hoping this will be therapeutic and a nice memorial to Biff.

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