Friday, 29 April 2011

Monte Carlo day 1 cont

Catching up again,back to day 1 in Monte Carlo.
After the Tennis I met up with my other half Ste and we set off to see some of the sights in Monte Carlo, on first impressions everything is veryclean and i love the muted colour tones of some of the buildings.

The weather by this time had really brightened up and gone quite warm, so we headed to the Harbour to have a look at the boats, some really beautiful boats were in and if my lottery numbers ever come up mine will be joining them.

After a beautiful walk by the harbour we were in urgent need of vino refreshments so we stopped at a bar which had beautiful views of the sea, we could have sat there all day but we wanted to get to the old part of Monte Carlo.Along the way we stopped for a glimpse of the world famous Monte Carlo Casino no visit is complete without a peek.Outside the casino I snapped a pic of a huge tennis racquet which I loved.

By this time I was flagging so it was a few more pics before we headed back to our appartment, you wouldn't think 10 minutes after we took these pics the heavens opened and we got drenched, but still nothing could spoil our first day in Monte Carlo, not even the rain.

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