Saturday, 23 April 2011

Monte Carlo

Just lost a really long blog post so here goes again.Finally getting a chance to blog a bit about my recent trip to Monte Carlo.

This trip was originally planned last year but the volcano that erupted put paid to that.At last we were going to see Rafa Nadal play at the Monte Carlo Masters excited just doesn't come into it.

First impressions of Monte Carlo blew me away it is a very impressive coast line I just couldn't wait to start exploring the place, we didn't get into Nice airport until late afternoon so we only passed through Monte Carlo on our way to our apartment in Menton which is a few miles out of MC.

We booked an apartment for five days as I have found now it can be difficult sometimes travelling as a vegan and staying in a hotel which can't be bothered to cater for you, not that I was wanting special treatment but the offer of a non dairy milk would be nice so I could at least have a tea or a coffee but that's difficult for hotels so I find it easier to go in an apartment.Will do a separate blog post about my experiences of a vegan travelling abroad.

First impressions of the appartment was very good set in it's own private gardens everything you could ask for except the free wifi they had advertised! Found this annoying as I had planned to blog daily whilst in Monte Carlo,felt totally lost without Internet access. The view from our appartment wasn't to shabby either.

So basically day one was just arriving dashing to the supermarket to stock up on provisions and wine :-) will tell you all about my first day tomorrow at the Tennis, just need to sort through my holiday pics.

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