Saturday, 30 April 2011

Monte Carlo day 2

Today was quarter finals day at the Tennis and I was looking forward to see Rafa against Ljubic.We got to the ground early as I wanted to see Rafa on the practice courts.Once again it was a beautiful hot day on the French Riviera, perfect for Tennis.I had never been to the Monte Carlo Country Club before and was taken away by how beautiful it is.You have a great view no matter where you are sat and from some parts of the ground you can see the sea, very beautiful, as a player it must be a joy to play here.

We were kept up to date via text messages from friends as to what court rafa was practising on, we did get caught up in traffic which delayed our arrival but we quickly found where rafa was and joined the many others who were there to see Rafa.

Rafa is ever the perfectionist even on a practice court and it really is great to see him up close practising all those shots he effortlessly does in a game, you forget the many hours work he puts in.I took a couple of pics but was hampered by the stupid netting and a not so good camera :-( in fact as soon as I got home I treated myself to a new camera so hopefully on my next trip I can take better pics.

Once the Practice was over it was a quick look round before we took to our seats, word had got around that Fed had lost the first set and was a break down in the second so we were keen to see him knocked out, yeah I know pretty mean lol.

Pretty soon it was Rafa time and once again he had a pretty straight forward comfortable match winning in straight sets and pretty soon our Tennis for the day was over and Rafa was into the Semi finals tomorrow against Andy Murray.

We had planned to have our tea at a little hillside village in Roquebrune Cap Martin which was only a bus ride away but we hadn't banked upon the buses being so full and they kept whizzing by us, so we did the logical thing and went into our little bar we had started to frequent before and after the matches across the road for much need vino refreshment.

We have made a little friend in this bar, he is so cute and on the first day we walked in there was no one behind the bar but this little dog, at one stage i did wonder if it was the bar maid, but we later found out he sits there every day accepting all the compliments and his picture being took.

Several vinos later we decided it was too late to go to the village so we went to our appartment and time for a quick change as we were visiting a Vegan restraunt in Menton I had been dying to try out, now the idea of being in a restraunt where I could have anything I wanted on the menu seemed to good to be true, will do a separate blog post on this as I don't want to bore the no vegans who may be still here reading this.

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