Monday, 28 March 2011

RIP Bifford

This is a hard post for me to write, today I lost my beautiful orange boy Bifford Biff for short, I am heartbroken at this moment in time but I didn't want the day to pass without acknowledging his beautiful spirit.

Biff first entered my life 11 years ago he was five then and I discovered he was neglected by a local family who used to kick him and abuse him he had little or no faith in humanity and who could blame him?

I approached the family when I discovered they were moving and I asked them if I could have him they replied I couldn't but they would sell him to me, what the helI bought him and never looked back.It took a number of years for Biff to settle but once we gained his trust we never looked back.

Over the years Biff started to love his home especially his garden, whenever we were out so was he.He was very territorial about his space and sent many a cat on their way.

Five years ago I lost another beautiful cat Anfield to renal failure and a nasal tumour I couldn't believe it when Biff was diagnosed with the same problem, luckily I learnt a lot from Anfields illness and I knew what we were dealing with.We managed his illness for nearly five years but since Christmas his weight has fell off him.

He was at the vets six weeks ago on a drip for 24 hours and seemed to have improved but over the weekend he stopped eating and his back legs started giving out on him, deep down I knew his time was nearing and we spent a last day together yesterday and he slept with us on our bed last night as he had always done.

We took him to the vets this morning where he had all his bloods redone and of course they come back through the roof and we knew we could no longer let him suffer,towards the end of his life Biff had lost his hearing and had arthritis along with gum disease and liver failure so as hard as it was we had to admit his quality of life had gone and we had to let him go.

Today has been hard and my home feels empty without him, I miss him so much I just wanted to share this beautiful boy with you all.

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