Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Oscar Dresses

Finally getting round to do some blogging, time has been hectic of late, work, trying to get to Yoga classes,family stuff etc. I sometimes wish the world would stop as I want to get off, but hey that's life guess you have to live it to the max.

So back to the blog, finally caught up with the Oscars, so pleased The Kings Speech picked up it just deserts.Colin Firth really deserved his Oscar as did Natalie Portman.

The next favourite thing of the Oscars is of course 'The dresses' there is always someone who stands out and yes one or two disasters. My personal faves are the classy ones I think Oscar dresses should compliment the actress and not become the main focus, these sort of dresses have a timeless quality and I think the following dresses are beautiful and compliment the wearers perfectly.

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