Sunday, 20 March 2011

Busy week (again)

Once again I'm on catch up with my blog, where do people find the time to blog daily? Weather this week has been spring like so I made the most of it and ventured into the garden to tidy up after the winter, already so many plants are waking up a beautiful sight to see.I haven't seen my Hedgehogs yet but am hoping they made it through the winter.

I had Thursday/Friday off and still had no time on my hands, on Thursday I went into Manchester to shop for some new clothes for my trip to Monte Carlo which is only three weeks away I can't believe it I am so excited.

I got myself a new bright red Mac which I have wanted for ages, a couple of light cardigans,some new jeans and shoes so I'm good to go.

I probably have bored you all to death with the reason for my trip to Monte Carlo but I'll mention it again lol. I am going for the Tennis hoping to see Rafa Nadal lift the Monte Carlo Masters title again, this is the view I am dying to see, notice all the wonderful clay Tennis courts.

Actually Rafa is also the reason I have such a hectic week I have been getting up in the middle of the night to watch his matches at Indian Wells California this week, the time zones are killing me, but he's worth it.

The rest of my Sunday is busy with housework, ironing,cooking oh and I've a football match to get in and watch Rafa in the Tennis finals in the evening, definitely think I'm ready for a holiday.

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