Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My first ever vegan christmas cake

This is my very first attempt at baking a Vegan Christmas cake, I have to admit to feel a bit apprehensive about it. I have made numerous Christmas cakes over the years and they have always turned out well, but this was a new territory for me
After years of always baking with eggs I was nervous that cakes wouldn't turn out right without them, well let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

Over the last few months have made various muffins and carrot cake without eggs and they have turned out well, I am thrilled about this as I can now bake without inflicting cruelty.

I found this recipe on a great blog called the Hungry Vegan definetly worth a look as there are some great recipes on it

Thought I would share my pics with you, although I still have to ice it I am pretty pleased with the result

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