Sunday, 19 December 2010

Are you all ready for Christmas, no pressure Ladies

Oh well it's the last week before Christmas, are you all ready? Just love the pressure these womens mags put us under.As well as holding down a full time job, probably raising a family, maybe having elderly parents to care for by now we should have wrote our cards and mailed them.Bought and wrapped all the presents.
Made our homemade wreaths.

Decorated the Tree

Outside Tree as well

Your stockings should be hung in style

Roaring fire on the go

House all tastefully decorated

Beautiful individual table decorated

To top it all don't forget all the pampering,new hairstyle,new dress and all the gear needed to turn us into a Domestic Goddess (thanks for that one Delia)

Still around reading this well don't forget you still have to make the home made chutney,mince pies and Christmas cake, oh and your home made pudding and chocolates. Thank you glossy womens mags for making us feel such a failure.

So the week before Christmas no pressure ladies!

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