Wednesday, 29 December 2010

How we take water for granted

Having spent two days with no heat and water I have had time to reflect on how we take so much for granted in our life. We had a burst pipe on Monday after the snow had started to thaw first our electrics blew then we realized what had happened we had to turn off our water which in turn affected our central heating.

I have spent the last two days freezing and miserable, but if I can take one lesson from our mishap is I will never take the luxury of water for granted again.

Not been able to have a hot shower or bath when I wanted killed me, having to keep nipping to our neighbours to fill containers of water for the basics like boiling a kettle for tea and washing up and trying to wash a total nightmare, not been able to use my washing machine simple little things like that I now appreciate.

Of course I'm not the only one with these problems there have been lots of people in Our area with the same problems some have had no water for four days so I'm not moaning too much I just wanted to take time to remind us of how lucky in life we are, water truly is a very special gift which we take for granted

Being more thank full for the things I have in my life is one lesson I am going to take into the new year.

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