Monday, 13 December 2010

Finally starting to decorate

Well after having big plans to get my tree up this weekend backfired I've decided it would be easier to tackle decorating one room at a time rather than a marathon session.

I've decided to decorate my main living room now for the Winter Solstice(21stDecember) this makes more sense as I use a lot of natural decorations from the garden such as Holly and Ivy which can dry out and wither if put up to early.So instead I have decorated my dining room feel a bit more festive now I've made a start.Just thought I'd share a few pics.

My Welsh dresser I like to decorate using natural decorations.

Welsh dresser at night.

My fire with just a few fairy lights and a bunch of twigs also lit up.


  1. It all looks magical, EW. Have a lovely Xmas.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Christmas is a good excuse to go mad with the decs isn't?