Monday, 1 November 2010

November Rain

Seeing as today is the 1st of November I thought I'd share my fave Guns n Roses song 'November Rain' I have loved this song since I first heard and I never tire of it.


  1. Oh Karen, I could never tire of listening to this song nor watching the's one of my favs too! Although anything G&R, Metallica, Ratt etc are all what I grew up with and I love love LOVE it.

    After being dry for almost a month and a half, it started raining on November 1st and has never stopped here in Louisiana...this post was sooooo close to home. Thank you for taking me back in the here and now!!!!

  2. Hi Jodie still love listening I too grew up with those bands and still need to hear them from time to time.

    Louisiana weather sounds exactly the same as the UK at the moment.