Sunday, 31 October 2010


As a person who follows the wheel of the year Samhain or Halloween is a very special time for me. Although it is now a very popular celebration I still like to dwell on it's true meaning. It is a time they say when the veil between the two worlds are at it's thinnest, the two worlds being earth and the spirit world.

I can't say whether this is true or not as we'll never know, but I like to take it as a time to honour those I love who has passed over into the spirit world.

Of course the dressing up and the Trick or treating is fun, it never deflects the true meaning for me. As we get older the list of love ones sadly grows over the years but I will tell my Dad how much I love him and my Grand parents and the many Aunts and Uncles I have lost of late. I will think of my many Cats who have also left me, so if that Veil is at it's thinnest tonight please remember I love and miss you all.
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