Thursday, 28 October 2010


I'm a person who is always behind in updating my blog, but I can't let this week go by without doing something on it for Halloween. I love this Holiday although it is not as big in the UK as it is in the USA I think it's a good time to decorate around the house, now anyone who knows me knows I don't really need an excuse to decorate, Spring is a great excuse so is autumn so Halloween isn't going to escape me.

I also love outdoor Halloween decorations so I have been trawling through the many great images from magazines on line for some inspiration. So most of these images have come from magazines such as House and Home, Home and Gardens, Country Living etc.

Decorating for Halloween needn't be expensive, a few Pumpkins simply carved out makes great lanterns, but even the smaller squashes look great grouped simply in a bowl on a table.

Pumkins look great outdoors lighting a pathway up or even just some glass jars with candles I. Will set the scene just as well.

I usually have friends over for Halloween for a nice meal, I love to do a Pumpkin Soup and usually another dish using the discarded pumpkin flesh will share a few with you when I have time to find them.Pumpkin Curry is a fave of mine.Weather permitting we will try and sit outside for a few hours and have mulled cider or just warm apple juice, we usually tell a few ghost stories for added effect. if it's a bit chilly I light my Chimena and usually find after a few drinks we usually warm up.

Here are a few of my fave Halloween decorations I found, maybe they will also inspire you like they have me.


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