Saturday, 13 November 2010

I'm off to Zurich

Just getting packed for my trip to Zurich. I am looking forward to a few days relaxing and sightseeing. We are actually going to see my favourite singer Tarja (who used to be the lead singer in the band Nightwish) I am a huge Tarja fan.

Looking forward to seeing the sights of Switzerland, I have never been here before so all is new. Also hoping to visit Lucerne and judging by the pics I've seen it looks stunning.

I am a bit nervous about the food, this will be my first time travelling abroad as a Vegan so it will be a bit of a challenge, I've travelled many times before as a Vegetarian but never as a Vegan so it will be good to review it from another perspective. I think the best plan of action is stick to the Vegetarian/Vegan restraunts. I have googled Vegans in Zurich and have come up with a few eating places.

Just thought I'd share this video of Tarja with you all she's definetly worth a listen. 

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