Saturday, 11 September 2010

Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast

Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast

Every now and again someone or something comes along to really inspire you. For me that person was Collen Patrick-Goudrau who runs the website Compassionate Cooks.

I have been a Vegetarian since I was 12 years old, basically I saw a film at school about food production and where our animals end to get on our table, that did it for me I went home and announced I was never eating meat again and since that day I haven't and I'm 48 years old now.

My mum rather than talking me out of it decided to help me for which I am forever grateful as in those days there wasn't the variety or choice of vegetarian food in the supermarkets. My mum is a great cook and I think she viewed it as a challenge I used to come home from school and she would have made me amazing meals like stuffed peppers, Vegetable casseroles with dumplings,Soups,Pasta,Curries, Chili's etc in fact you name it my mum would conjure it up.

Being Vegetarian has always been very easy for me as a keen cook I love experimenting with new recipes and trying things out, but for some reason turning completely Vegan never really entered my head, I don't know why I guess I never had the relevant information on hand, I thought if I bought free range eggs and Organic milk and vegetarian cheeses etc I was doing my bit, but I stumbled upon a podcast by Collen Patrick-Goudrau and her compassion and info blew me away. I immediatly started going back listening to all her old Podcasts and the wealth of nutritional and moral info was the best I have ever heard.

I always presumed Vegan Cooking would be impossible but through Collens web site and books i have learnt it isn't I may need to tweek a few of my favourite recipes a bit but so far it hasn't been a problem in fact if anything it has been so easy for me I am now wondering why I didn't do it sooner.

Please if anyone is actually reading this post don't think I am trying to lecture you, I know being Vegan or Vegetarian is a very personal issue just as being a meat eater is I wouldn't dream of trying to lecture anyone, I believein personal choice for everyone. I guess what I am saying to anyone out there who was considering becoming Vegan or Vegetarian give Coleen a listen on her Podcast or visit her website you might be suprised at the wealth of infoon it.

My big love in life is baking so whwn I realised I could still bake everything as a Vegan I was thrilled, I can substitute all my recipes with Dairy Free Butter, Milk can be substituted with Soya Milk or one of the many Milk alternatives out there and I can even replace my eggs with an egg replacer all news to me.The first Vegan book I bought is by Coleen Patrick _Goudraucalled 'The Joy of Vegan Baking' and it is a fabulous book for the Vegan cook to start on, there is loads of great recipes in it such as Apple pecan muffins,Chocolate chip cookies,Cinammon coffee cake to name a few I can't wait to try some out this weekend.

If you buy one Vegan book on baking I suggest this one. I'm going to start blogging on how I get on with them and how they compare to the original.

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