Saturday, 18 September 2010

In search of the perfect Vegan cookie recipe

As mentioned in a previous post I bought a vegan book on baking recently so today I thought I'd try out my first Vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. First of all for some reason I never seem to have had much success with cookies in the past, not sure why I guess I have always found cooking cakes and biscuits a bit fiddly I'm more of a rustic cook, soups,curries etc and I'm in my element.

It may also be a lack of interest as I'm not really a cake or biscuit person so maybe I don't try to hard, but my partner loves cakes and biscuits so I thought I'd try for him.

Firstly I am new to vegan baking I have only been vegan for two weeks although I have been a vegetarian for 36 years I have always used eggs and dairy in my baking so all this is trial and error at the moment. I'm not used to using egg replacer and one thing I've realized today is to follow your egg replacer exactly as it says, my mistake I didn't.

The recipe I followed is American and they have their own brand which is different to the one I used which is UK based, I did realize this but of course I took no notice and followed my recipe exactly as stated, even though the quantity and method of the egg replacer was totally different, but do I ever listen?

The outcome wasn't exactly as I planned, my cookies weren't what one would call a success but I guess the trick is knowing where you went wrong right?

They were edible in a sort of over cooked soft way, not how I like a cookie but my partner is eating them so not exactly a disaster but not a success either.
Another thing I noticed in this recipe was the amount of brown and white sugar that was used, I thought it was an awful lot and the recipe was also a little heavy in the use of margarine, now I know chocolate chip cookies aren't exactly health food but This was way over the top.

Well I have found another recipe on line which I will try out next week which uses a lot less sugar and marg so I will give them a whirl and see. I'm not giving up at the first attempt but I have to say I'm still in search of the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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