Monday, 27 September 2010

Autumn apples

Once again I know autumn is here simply by my abundance of apples propping up the kitchen. My neighbour has several apple trees and every year she gives me a boxful, I think at the moment I have about a hundred so I guess the family will be pretty appled out by the end of the month.

My neighbour and i share our garden bounty which I love doing I grow a lot of tomatos and herbs so I keep her stocked up during the summer and she always repays the gesture in autumn.

I have spent the weekend cooking them down into sauce to freeze I then turn them into crumbles, muffins, pies. I also plan this weekend to turn out some chutney. The smell of apples cooking is definetly an autumn smell for me, there is something very spiritual in the apple I always think.

I have already turned out several batches of apple spice muffins, some I gave my neighbour I bought in a batch to work this morning and they are always very welcome with my brother and his wife and four children as you can imagine muffins don't last too long in that house.

As a newly Vegan convert this is a great way to try out my new way of cooking, I love the fact people couldn't tell they were actually vegan and my neighbour commented about how they needed to cut down on the cholestral in eggs for health reasons so as well as using my apple supply up I think its getting the message out that Vegan food isn't all lettuce leaves and nuts!

My first apple recipe I'd like to share is Apple crump this has to be the easiest pudding ever.Don't be tempted to add more sugar to the apple filling as you need the contrast between the sharp apple and the sweet crunchy topping.

175 g (6oz) dairy free butter
175 g (6oz) Granulated sugar
175 g (6oz) Plain Flour
4 large cooking apples


For the topping; Place the flour,sugar and butter in an oven-proof bowl(do not mix together)and transfer dish to a pre heated oven at 170 C or 325 F gas 3 for 15 mins until butter melts.

For the filling; peel and core apples and chop roughly. Place in oven proof serving dish and put into oven for 5 mins.

Remove Crump topping from oven, stir together into a paste and spread onto partly cooked apples. Place in oven for about 40 mins until topping is slightly browned. Serve with either custard or cream.

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