Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Autumn is around the corner

At this time of year I get the incredible urge to start tidying my garden for the winter.I think really it's more of a welcome home autumn gesture.I want all my borders tidy and weeded, all Summers withering plants removed, I need order and sequence, my plant pots have all to be washed and stored.

I know I'm really preparing myself for the great event of autumn.This has been my favourite season since I was a child my mum used to take us on woodland walks when we were children and we used to gather red leaves and foliage and beautiful red berries, my mum would make beautiful floral arrangements around the house from what we would gather and some of these traditions have stuck with me.

I see autumn as a time of gentle slumber before winters hibernation. How could anyone not love this time of year.

As a keen cook my. Urge to cook with beautiful squashes and pumpkins goes into overdrive, and all the beautiful apple dishes that await me.

I believe there is peace and beauty in every season and we should just take some time to welcome them, although not quite here yet I know autumn is truly around the corner

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