Saturday, 16 June 2012

Summer musings

Summer? Well I use the term loosely not seeing much here in the UK a lot of Summer plans are fading with the days.I had planned a complete renovation of my garden, dismantle my lawn as it's taking up good flower space.I had planned to plant some fruit trees and an edible area but we've had so much rain getting out isn't always easy.I want to feel the sun on my face, my kitty wants to feel the sun on his face it's fast approaching mid summer now and we've still no Summer. treated myself to a nice new camera and lens but getting out to play with that is proving difficult. I have taken a few pics of my flowers but a lot of things are behind, normally at this time of year I have a lot more in flower.Heres a few pics of what I have in bloom.

Seeing as the great outdoors isn't much of an option at the moment I am getting in plenty of Yoga practices feel so much better for it, also busy making plans to go to Wimbledon for the Tennis, we camped last year and I loved every minute of it.Just hoping the weather improves and the Sun makes an appearance. I'm stuck in work this Sunday morning not complaining I'm on my own so it gives me a chance to catch up on my blogs and stuff, I follow some great blogs and enjoy catching up.OK those are my Summer plans what you all got planning?

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