Friday, 6 July 2012

My Wimbledon weekend

I wasn't going to post much on my Wimbledon weekend as it didn't exactly go as I planned, but what the hell it was a good weekend anyway.

My friend Jo and I set off last Thursday evening, the plan was we'd drive down to London stop at a hotel and get to Wimbledon early Friday morning to joint the queue to camp to get tickets for Rafas 3rd round match.

Well the whole weekends plan went wrong quite quickly! On our way down on Thursday evening Rafa got knocked out in the second round shocked didn't begin to cover it, so as we were arriving in London to see Rafa he was departing.

At this point it was either turn back, which wasn't really an option with the amount of money we had already spent so we thought we'd make the most of it and enjoy the weekend.

We queued up early Friday morning and camped out overnight, a bit grueling and incredibly long but worth all the waiting around when we saw we had second row seats on centre court, also the line up was great we would get to see Serena Williams,David Ferrer (my fave player after Rafa) Andy Roddick and Andy Murray.

The grounds at Wimbledon are as beautiful as ever being a keen gardener I always end up taking loads of pics of the flowers and the Ivy.

The first match we watched was the Serena Williams match have to say this was the first time I had seen Serena live and she looked every bit as intimidating as she does on TV, but also very feminine and beautiful as well.

Serena won her match now it was the highlight of the day for me David Fererr and Roddick like both players so it was good for me Ferrer won the match and played a good game but being on the second row being able to take pics with no one in front of us was great, the downside was we kept thinking how wonderful it would have been if it was Rafa.

The last match up on centre court was Andy Murray and Baghdatis, as much as we would have to have stayed and watched it all we couldn't as it was late starting and we knew we still had to book into our hotel

Looking back over the weekend it was fun it wasnt the weekend we had planned but we made the best of it as you have to.

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