Thursday, 5 May 2011

Monte Carlo day 4

Thought it was time I finished my MC blog off.
Well after three wonderful days our last day had arrived, we had the finals of the Monte Carlo masters ahead of us, I have wanted to see Rafa play in a final for as long as I could remember and at last the day was here.

We woke up to another scorching hot day and decided to have a last quick look at Menton and the Harbour area.

We had our little daily ritual of pre match vino at our little bar before the match then headed over to the courts.Our usual posse of friends were there when we arrived so after a few nervous anti junxing cheers for rafa we headed into our seats for the match, was hoping it wasn't going to be as stressfull as the day before.

Rafa was playing David Ferrer in the final and as I like David so much I convinced myself I would be ok even if he beat Rafa today (secretly I wouldn't be, but i was trying to convince myself) It was lovely to see both players and their flags on court before the match started.

Rafa won the first set quite comfortably and started well in the second, until he got broken but after a few iffy games Rafa broke back and was soon on to his way of winning the match/I can't explain how amazing it was to see Rafa lift the trophy and do the famous trophy bite at last I had seen it.

My few days here has been a wonderful experience I definetly want to go back next year and after the match we headed off to a little irish bar we had found to watch the footy, well my team Liverpool were playing and I couldn't miss them could I? After the footy we went for a last stroll around menton to take some pics and then it was back to the appartment for quick change and onto our fave Vegan restraunt, by the end of the day I was exhausted, a little drunk but one very happy girl.

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