Saturday, 21 May 2011

French Open

I love this time of year in the Tennis Calendar at last we have the greatest clay tournament of the year, the only slam to be played on clay. Haven't had much time to blog lately been doing lots of extra shifts so I can take a bit of time off work to actually watch the Tennis.

Also in two weeks I'm heading off to London to Queens to hopefully watch Rafa warm up for Wimbledon on grass, then its off to Wimbledon it really is a hectic time of year for tennis, I'm only watching and I feel exhausted so I can only imagine how the players must feel.

I'm actually attempting to camp this year for the first time so I'm getting excited buying tents and everything.

So loving these pics coming from the French Open of Rafa man he looks so good in blue, the shade makes me think of France,Provence and the sky in Summer.

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