Monday, 2 May 2011

Monte Carlo day 3

Today was Semi final day at the Tennis and Rafa was playing against Andy Murray, who always manages to raise his game against Rafa so I was a bit tense and nervous today.Rafas match wasn't scheduled to start before 1.30pm so we decided to have a good look round Menton, the place we were staying.With being at the Tennis for two days we hadn't actually looked round the area properly yet.

Now Menton is very beautiful everywhere you look there is Orange and Lemon trees.

The old town of Menton is very quaint situated opposite the Harbour it really is stunning.I loved all the pastel shades the houses are painted.

I actually preffered Menton to Monte Carlo, Menton is more real it has beautiful sea views,nice restraunts and a lovely old town to browse round what more could you want on holiday?Monte Carlo is visually very beautiful but I find it all a bit fake and the obvious flaunting of wealth can be a bit shallow for me, well thats my personal opinion.

After a leisurely stroll we soon decided we had better get to the Tennis.We didn't have much time to spare when we got there just enough to say a quick hi to some friends by then we heard David Ferrer had won the other semi final so that was one final place confirmed it was now up to Rafa to make it two spaniards into the finals.I had already spotted some of my friends in the crowd with their Rafa flags, Rafa seemed to have a lot of fans in the house today.

Just as I imagined a very tense match Rafa took the first set easy enough but then Andy played a really good set in which Rafa struggled eventually losing it, by then I was literally hiding my head :-(
Of course never ever doubt Rafa he flew into an early lead in the second and comfortably took the 3rd set to win the match, I was so relieved I had never seen Rafa play in a final I was getting my dream after all.Tomorrow I get to see Rafa in a final against David Ferrer.

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