Friday, 27 April 2012

Monte Carlo Day 3

Well what can I say about today? turned out an awful day weather was horrendous, started off with a very strange sunrise in the morning
Maybe it wasn't a good sign either to see a double rainbow first thing this morning, usually the sign of rain.

The one day I wanted the sun out was today as It was my first day at the Tennis.
It started out promising but pretty soon the clouds came over and the heavens opened.That basically summed the day up players would just get on the court and the heavens would open, so it was a stop and start sort of day.

Luckily I got to see Rafa practice with Marc Lopez but after around 40 mins rain halted that, however after being stuck behind a wall I managed to get some shots, although not very good :-(

We had a long day sheltering from the showers whilst awaiting for Rafa to play his match, by then I was wet and freezing and just wanted it over with as quickly as possible, luckily Rafa obliged and finished his match 6-1 6-1
By this time it was back to the apartment to get dry and something to eat and I was too tired to go anywhere after that.
On a brighter note the weather is promised to be warm for the next 3 days fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day.
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