Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 2 A trip to Nice

I was determined to visit Nice on this trip to Monte Carlo, although been before I have only ever had time to drive through Nice but not to stop and look around.
As we had a free day today from the Tennis we decided to do Nice and am I glad we did, I loved Nice very much it has everything from a very old town,to a modern centre,the beach, a promenade the coast it has everything, the French riviera has it all.

We made our way first through the old town of Nice which had many winding,twisting alleyways which entise you down amongst the many shops,galleries,bars and restraunts.

Although this part of Nice can look run down next to it's glitzy,glamerous neighbour Monte Carlo but this is part of it's charm, I adore the brightly colored houses and shutters and the ever so French balconies even when they are adorned with washing makes this place more real and alive compared to Monte Carlo.

To be honest I find Monte Carlo a bit pretentious, although very beautiful I wouldn't live there with a lottery win a bit too stuck up for my taste,I find a lot of wealth very nauseating and I can honestly say that lifestyle wouldn't be for me.

We visited a few bars on our travels and soon headed down to the beach and a stroll down the promenade,sadly we didn't have time to walk all the way down as the promenade stretched for miles but it was a beautiful day and a perfect way to spend an afternoon.All to soon it was time to head back to our apartment, tired and hungry but full of plans to revisit Nice later in the year and spend a bit more time there as there was lots of things we didn't have time to do.

Tomorrow I head into Monte Carlo for the Tennis, pretty excited.

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