Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years thoughts and ramblings

Not a person for New Years resolutions as I usually have forgot them by midday on Jan 1st, however there is some things I plan to do in my life this year.

1. The usual get fitter lose a few pounds line we all use at this time of year, but seriously I'm getting serious about my Yoga and going to aim for a few classes a week and a few sessions at home, get stuck into my wii as well as I have both Zumba and Yoga on the wii.

2. Try to juggle my life a bit better and make some time for me last year my stress levels were high and I seemed to be running around like a headless chicken, all my own fault for not organising my life better.

3.Read more I have a ton of books on my to read list so going to aim for 2 a week and plan to blog about them as well.

4.Blog more I enjoy blogging and reading blogs but see No.2 never seem to have enough time.Getting my Vegan cooking blog up and running properly as well.

5.Going to take time out once a week to take photographs I enjoy photography but never seem to get my camera out enough.

6.Plan to try a new recipe every weekend.

Think that's enough to be going on with for now. Here's a pic from today's Sky thought it looked rather nice.

Happy New Year

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