Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Gaudi's Barcelona

Of course no one can go to Barcelona and not be intrigued by the works of the great architect Gaudi, I am no exception I am amazed by the man, his vision, his style and the whole originality of the man always blows me away. So I had to cram as much Gaudi in as possible.

On our second day there we visited the Parc Guell and this place is amazing on first sightings it looks like something out of the fairytale Hansel and Gretel I wouldn't have been more suprised if I had seen a gingerbread house.

This parc was amazing so many great features and tiled mosiacs, best of all it was completely free

We also managed two visits to one of the houses Gaudi designed Cassa Battlo first we visited it during the day and it looked amazing, the curves and windows of the building are awesome.

Heres another pic of the same house at night, it looked even nicer at nightime the lights seem to pick up every little detail

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