Saturday, 3 September 2011

Southport flower show

Finally getting around to blogging about my wonderful day out at Southport Flower show, time is been an issue lately with stuff and life getting in the way as usual.

This is my annual treat going to Southport it is a tradition started by my mum, it was always our day out together and I have many happy memories of this event.Mum isn't as good on her feet as she used to be so coming to the flower show would be hard for her now. Mums love of plants and gardens have been passed down to me I have memories of my own little garden patch I must have been seven or eight when my mum gave me my own special patch I have been hooked ever since.

Last year I took my 10 year old niece and she too loved the magic of Southport so it looks like the family tradition is being continued this was her and my friends grandaughter Jess second visit.

This years theme was Vintage so straight away I was hooked.Heres Caitlin and Jess pictured in a vintage camper van, now I really do want a camper van this one was lovely and the very nice woman let the girls have their picture took in it.

We also fell in love with this little vintage van which was serving food.

Was thrilled to see a few vintage cars here as well

I've always loved the show gardens at Southport and this years collection didn't disapoint, continuing the vintage theme I loved this 60's inspired garden.

I've taken home some great ideas for my garden and especially fell in love with some of the seating areas, always think thats the best part of gardening sitting in a nice spot and enjoying your hard work, or in my case looking at what I need to do!

We were lucky the weather was good and we walked all day spent loads of money on the tempting stalls and produce and went home happy.A perfect day.

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